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JULY 2012

EXHIBITIONS: Fri, August 3, 2012

Alexis Rochas: STEREO.BOT

Exhibition Discussion: Friday, Sept 14, 7-9pm
Reception: Friday, Sept 21, 7-9pm

Coachella 2012 Gateway from STEREO.BOT on Vimeo.

SCI-Arc is pleased to present STEREO.BOT, a Library Gallery installation by design faculty Alexis Rochas. The installation documents the realization of the Coachella Gateway Pavilion, the largest customized structure in the US featuring interactive 3D projection mapping content, designed and built by Alexis Rochas of I/O for the 2012 Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif. The freestandig pavilion measured 70ft in width and 35ft in height, featured over 18 hours of video content, and was experienced by more than 150,000 people attending the festival over a 2-weekend period.

The exhibition in the SCI-Arc library features dynamic architectural models, 3D mapping projections and documentary material that follows the development of the project from inception to realization. The pavilion concept was born out of a collaborative initiative seeking to fuse architecture, art and engineering into a unique and dynamic immersive experience. The project combines innovative 3D building systems developed by STEREO.BOT, 4D generative visuals created by Bryant Place of Sensory Sync, and state-of-the-art engineering by Bruce Danziger of Arup Los Angeles.


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STEREO.BOT is led by Alexis Rochas, architect and founder of I/O, a Los Angeles-based practice focused on the development of dynamic building technologies integrating design, engineering and advanced fabrication techniques. As principal of I/O, Rochas has introduced a series of groundbreaking building methodologies arising from the complex interactions of spatial, temporal and economic variables.

Recent work includes the award-winning SYNTHe interface, an adaptable synthetic environment managing air pollution and storm water runoff; and AEROMADS, an architectural system combining air pressure and high-strength fabrics for the creation of minimal mass structures.

A member of the SCI-Arc design faculty since 2003, Rochas has headed several projects through the Community Design Program, including the FAB Arts Market Temporal Gallery, LINC Housing community grounds prototyping, SCI-Arc's lecture hall acoustic treatment, and the LAMP community's sun shelter pavilion. Since 2006, Rochas has been coordinating SCI-Arc's Making+Meaning 5-week summer foundation program in architecture. He is the recipient of the 2004 City of Los Angeles Design Award, the 2002 New York Society of Architects M.W. Del Gaudio Award for Excellence in Total Design, and the 1996 Award for Excellence in Design and Architecture Department of the University of Buenos Aires.

3D Building Systems
The STEREO.BOT system combines proprietary hardware and software applications into a responsive building technology empowering artist, designers and branding professionals.The system is based on a singular structural node allowing for a direct, economic and rapid execution of structures at all forms and scales.

Interactive Architecture
STEREO.BOT innovative building technology and comprehensive approach to development allows for wide range of applications including temporary structures and exhibit systems, complex form structures and permanent architectural applications.

.COA 2012 PAVILION Structural Frames
STEREO.BOT is a groundbreaking space-frame technology designed to advance and accelerate the creation of world-class structural frames by integrating design, engineering and CNC robotic fabrication in a comprehensive development package.

4D Projection Mapping
STEREO.BOT immersive environments blend arresting 3dimensional structures, dynamic video mapping and printed media into vibrant transformative display featuring creative media ranging from pre-programmed to real-time generative content.

SCI-Arc Director, Faculty and Alumni Win AIA|LA 2012 Design Awards

The 2012 AIA│LA Design Awards recently announced by the Los Angeles chapter of the nation’s leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals and allied partners, recognize several SCI-Arc faculty and leadership for their unyielding contribution to advancing the architecture profession and their support to architectural initiatives in Los Angeles.

Award winners include SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss, 25-Year Award for his design of the Petal House; faculty members Jenny Wu and Dwayne Oyler of Oyler Wu Collaborative, Emerging Practice; Graduate Programs Chair Hernan Diaz Alonso, Educator Award; and visiting faculty member Julie Eizenberg and partner Hank Koning of Koning Eizenberg Architecture, who received the 2012 AIA│LA Gold Medal.

The Presidential Awards recognize select individuals that take leadership roles in their profession. AIA|LA President Stuart Magruder (M.Arch ‘97) stated, "The difficulty in selecting one winner in each category is amazing; we truly have an embarrassment of architectural riches here in Los Angeles!"

The Presidential Honorees will be celebrated, along with Design Award and NextLA winners on October 22, 2012, as part of the AIA│LA Design Awards held at the Broad Stage in the Santa Monica Performing Arts Center.