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09.21.07 - 10.07.07 | W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
Selected Thesis: A juried exhibition of distinguished graduate thesis projects

Opening reception: Friday, September 21, 2007, 6–8 pm

The exhibition is located in the W.M. Lecture Hall and is viewable daily from 10–6pm.

Dean Bloss Demko ↑
Extracting Affect by Dissecting Affordance
Advisor: Rob Ley

McCall Holman ↑
Drift Assemblage
Advisor: Florencia Pita

Lionel Lambourn ↑
A Composite Domesticity
Advisor: Marcelo Spina

Tien V. Luong ↑
Hybrid Collage
Advisors: Marcelo Spina / Peter Zellner

Matthew J. Post ↑
Relief In Architecture
Advisor: Elena Manferdini

Benjamin J. Smith ↑
Advisor: Coy Howard

Group Project: S3F2 ↑
Everything and the Flowers Collaboration
Group Members: Can Kadir Sucuoglu, Jerry Figurski, Joshua T. Sprinkling, Atsushi Sugiuchi, Marcus G. Friesl
Advisor: Hernan Diaz Alonso / Benjamin Bratton

An integrated two-term experience, the thesis program at SCI-Arc is designed to engage the interests and methods of working of each individual student. The first term is primarily dedicated to research, and to the development of a formal thesis proposal that rigorously lays the groundwork for the in-depth design study expected during the following term. The thesis term itself is dedicated to exploring responses to the inquiry posed by the thesis proposal. Work is generally assessed according to completeness, clarity, quality and thoroughness of research and, depending on the type of thesis, how well the subject of investigation has been related to the discipline of Architecture. Graduate thesis reflects SCI-Arc’s rigorous architectural education that is responsive to cultural change, promotes architectural experimentation and creative and academic freedom, and supports a fluid relationship between education and practice.