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06.10.11 - 07.29.11 | SCI-Arc Library Gallery
Wendy Heldmann: You Are So Beautiful and I Am a Fool

June 10 - July 29, 2011
SCI-Arc Library Gallery

Opening reception: Friday, June 10, 7pm

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The SCI-Arc Library Gallery presents a series of new paintings by Los Angeles-based artist and SCI-Arc public programs coordinator Wendy Heldmann.

You Are So Beautiful and I Am A Fool comprises still life paintings depicting the architectural studio culture replete with cluttered desks, overturned chairs, site models, books, coffee cups, and the materials and tools of the trade such as spray cans, rolls of paper and tape, stacks of foam and plywood, computer peripherals, x-acto knives and pens.

Investigating the quiet chaos of the architecture students' all-night work environment, these polychromatic, loosely rendered works depict a singular moment in a specific placeā€”the end of term studio. At once isolated and abandoned, the spaces overflow with the belongings of an individual and the remnants of a creative process. The traces of working and making, such as scraps, notes, name tags, and paint spills not only describe the vernacular of the work surfaces in the studio, but also reveal the process of distinguishing the private in a communal space and act as portraits of the students who occupy these spaces.

About Wendy Heldmann
Wendy Heldmann received an MA with distinction in Visual Arts from Goldsmiths University of London and a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute after studying civil engineering at Cornell University and the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany. Heldmann's paintings generally depict the quiet messes and empty disasters of everyday life expressed in an unashamed consciousness for the sinking passing of time and a disposable view of the built environment and the metaphors that accompany it. Her work has been exhibited and published nationally. She is represented by Marine Contemporary, Venice, CA.