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01.22.03 - 02.01.03 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Selected Thesis Projects

Jonathan Garnett
Neil Henk
Selena Linkous
Motoko Shoboji
Wilber Williams
Paul Wysocan

The selection committee was made up of three local curators and three local architects. The curators all have some background in curating architecture and the architects have worked on exhibitions in the past. The committe included:

Michael Darling, Assistant Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art; Frank Escher, Design Principal, Escher GuneWardena; Kimberli Meyer, Director, MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House; Frank Clementi, Design Principal, Rios Associates; Fiona Whitton, Co-Director, the Institute of Advanced Architecture; and Jennifer Dunlop, Executive Coordinator, SCI-Arc.