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02.15.03 - 03.23.03 | SCI-Arc Gallery
RoTo: Still Points: A Plane Volume

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In contrast to the pleasures induced by looking at an object in space is the sublime joy of the sensation of the body in space, moving and at rest. We wondered how we might create a space that gives equal status to matter and light. A space that has limits but no boundaries. A space that encourages someone to move slowly until they come to rest.

Stilling the body.
Quieting the mind.
Thinking of nothing.
Experiencing everything around
them without prejudice.
Bare attention.

RoTo Architects is based in Los Angeles and led by principals Michael Rotondi and Clark Stevens. The firm was founded in 1991 and has a commitment to an ongoing research of natural and social conditions that inform everyday
spatial circumstances

Project Team:
James Bassett (alum 1994)
Sergio Ortiz (alum 2001)
Kate Harvey
Kirby Smith