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04.11.03 - 05.10.03 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Raimund Abraham, with Alexis Rochas: Stargazer

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In Stargazer, New York based architect Raimund Abraham invited the visitor to consider the night sky in fresh ways—as a graphic image, as history, as illusion, as science, and as a moving landscape. Using the latest computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling techniques—in which a machine creates objects from computer drawings—Abraham has created seven stargazing towers, each 9ft high, with openings and angled benches that direct the visitor’s imagined gaze towards views of the stars through the gallery’s clerestory windows.

Also on view were original concept drawings by Abraham and large-scale montages of diagrams and images of the constellations. Abraham’s drawings are collected by major cultural institutions in New York, San Francisco and Vienna. Past drawings were recently included in the The Changing of the Avant-Garde exhibition at MOMA QNS in New York.

Raimund Abraham teaches an advanced design studio at SCI-Arc. Stargazer is part of an ongoing project, LOCI ULTIMI or “The Last Abodes of Mankind.” Alexis Rochas oversaw the construction and digital documentation of the installation.