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06.12.03 - 07.13.03 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Marta Malé: [E]3: Emergence, Effect, Environment

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(E)3: Emergence.Effect.Environment, an installation by architect Marta Malé, explored multiple dimensions of the concept of emergence, and the way new digital technologies of design and fabrication interfere within the architectural process. Associative parametric design was used to generate an interactive and fluid model of an architectural surface or wall. In Malé’s installation, this adaptive environment "emerges" from relational data constructions, and thereby operated at local and global scales simultaneously. This surface—an assembly of differentiated parts—reflected the interaction of several interconnected systems of information, which defined not only its internal logic, but also the effects of a contextual or environmental response. Design and manufacturing, representation and object, whole and parts, digital and material, merged in a parametric environment that accommodated notions of adaptation through differentiation, and explored where mass-customization and mass production intersect within architecture.

Marta Malé teaches and has a practice in Barcelona. She has taught at SCI-Arc and was co-director of the postgraduate Masters program of Genetic Architectures at the ESARQ-UIC in Barcelona. Previously, she taught at UCLA’s AUD. Her work reflects her interest in the relationship between new digital technologies and the production of architecture. Using advanced CAD-CAM parametric software, she has several design projects in development, ranging from furniture prototypes to building renovations.