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10.10.03 - 11.23.03
Studioworks: Dangerous Supplements/Modest Proposals

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Working with the makers of moving truck floor beds, advertising inflatables, and the L.E.D lighting industry, and using materials such as bitmap etched glass and vinyl coated nylon, Studioworks has organized a series of supplements, experiments, and proposals for installation to be performed throughout the quarter-mile long freight yard building housing SCI-Ar over the course of the exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition will "set the stage," with the installation of an industrial wooden floor entitled "apetong float." The gallery and its new floor will act as the site of a building laboratory where the staging of materials, prototype fabrication, design, and construction will occur.

The possible experimental supplements and proposals are:

Stage One:
gallery floor - "apetong float"

Subsequent to Stage One:
"soft ceiling" - floating backlit air-filled cushions/bolsters acting as light and sound dampers

Shading Device 1 and 2 (built and grown)

Immaterial Billboard

Virtual Space / Collapse Space / Double Space / Eastern Transparency