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08.08.03 - 09.07.03
Kol/Mac Studio: Vertical Urbanism: lo_res/hi_rise

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The resi-rise is less "building", more "vertical urbanism". Its frame, not unlike a spatial matrix of "lots", is initially built-out to the maximum allowable zoning envelope with deformations accounting for site influences, such as views and adjacencies.
Once the territory is staked out, the frame is ready for rental space in the form of pods. It is possible for individual tenants to inhabit their space without depending on the full occupation of the building itself. Assuming that the top and bottom are considered "most desirable", the resi-rise can already be operational as it fills up from top and bottom first, leaving the mid-section free to be taken later. Following the urban analogy, this would be much like being among the first to live on a new block with the necessary infrastructure in place but unlike residing in a partially populated shell-and-core building. The resi-rise is complete when the frame and infrastructure are installed.

The morphology, size, program, function, materials, servicing, and furnishing of the pods are customizable within parameters set by the architects. This strategy couples individual choice [via the development of mass-customized units] with the collective performance and identity of the resi-rise into a complex relational system between the whole and its parts. Individual residents can play a role in the spatial organization of their pods into contiguous or distributed affiliations of space. When tenants leave, old pods are removed and recycled. Within this structure, it becomes feasible for short-term programmatic scenarios, such as corporate leasing of space for the duration of a convention for instance, to come (and go) with their own pods.

The pod is less like "real estate", and more like a "leased car" to the tenant. In this proposal the architects continue to remain involved with their `product' by updating it as new materials and technologies emerge on the market. This gives the owner/tenant the option to upgrade to the latest model; by developing accessories for use in conjunction with the pods, and by supplying the user with information on compatible third-party products; The construction of the resi-rise is never quite finished.