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12.12.03 - 02.01.04
Griffin Enright Architects: Keep Off the Grass! Planar Landscape Phenomena

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The ubiquitous lawn is the subject of an heuristic exercise about our cultural relationship to that thin plane of suburban carpet. The suspension of over 1,000 square feet of sod in the exhibition space simultaneously explores the tectonic nature of this plane by emphasizing its tissue-like thinness, flexibility, and texture, while commenting on the negative impacts to our larger environment.

A hovering plane, suspended from the ceiling, creates a spatial dialogue between "above" and "below" where pools of water on the gallery floor further reflect light that pierces though perforations in the sod above.

The separation of the water below the sod develops an ironic tension and emphasizes the entropic nature of the installation. The sod will dry and decay over the duration of the exhibit, while the water sits beneath creating reflections on the fescue roots.