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11.16.03 - 11.16.03 | SCI-Arc Gallery

Admission is free and open to the public.

A performance art piece involving video, the sculpture of the artist Vasa, and the choreography of Diane Davisson.

The event will include a live performance of tap dance by members of the Diane Davisson Dancers upon the "Apetong Float" floor, installed by Studioworks in the SCI-Arc Gallery as part of their current exhibition entitled "Dangerous Supplements./ Modest Proposals."

In describing the project, Diane Davisson says:

"Synesthesia is the process by which we apply the perceptions of one sense to another sense not usually associated with that process.

The inspiration for this project stems from two sources.
Vasa's work invites movement. The sculptures themselves seem to move from within, and it is not possible to observe them fully from only one angle. The observer is compelled to move around each piece in order to experience the full and essential beauty of the whole. In this sense, the work re-defines the space it occupies and our interaction with that space.

This re-definition of space is intriguing to anyone, especially a choreographer. I am fascinated at the prospect of integrating the movement of the dancers with
the movement provoked by the sculptures, and of playing with the rhythms that are found in the diverse patterns of color that lie within each piece. What better medium than tap dancing to explore the alternately crisp and smooth, insistent and sometimes surprising rhythms found in Vasa's work"