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09.29.06 - 10.29.06 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Daly, Genik Architects: 100 Rooms / 5000 Cells

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SCI-Arc Gallery is pleased to present 100 Rooms, composed entirely of recycled paper. In this installation, Los Angeles-based firm Daly, Genik Architects has drawn inspiration from ancient sites such as Catahoyuk, Ur and El Kahun, where stone and brick were first tooled into modular component materials to give shape to simple rooms that clustered into complex spatial arrays. Here, 44 slabs of 4’x 6’x 8’ compressed hexagonal cell honeycomb shipping materials are laid out in a regular grid configuration on the gallery floor. Each of these cardboard slabs has been uniquely transformed using CNC mill in an incremental ‘shaping’ operation. Paper-based compression struts enable each of the altered slabs to expand to a full extension of 16’-0’. The space of the gallery fills with the shaped cardboard monoliths, and then vanishes altogether. In its place emerges a fluid and maze-like network of formed spaces. Inviting passage as it gathers light, this constellation of excavated rooms and carved corridors puts into question the singularity of the host "room," rebuilding it as an expansive spatial array of experience and discovery. In 100 Rooms, Daly, Genik examines how contemporary material systems and component modularity can be transformed in an operation of pervasive customization, to create a paradoxical structure, at once simple and complex.

A defining element in Daly, Genik’s approach to architectural design is the fusion of the architect’s trained intellect with the craftsman’s practical ingenuity. Their practice is distinguished by a commitment to problem solving in specialized built environments by the application of disciplined design principles and the use of emergent technology.

Since its founding in 1990, Daly, Genik Architects has developed collaborative relationships with clients in the public and private realm. Based in Los Angeles with a staff of seventeen professionals, Daly Genik has designed a number of significant commissions including the South Campus Building and a new housing complex at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena; the Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in Los Angeles; and the new offices for BMW/Designworks in Southern California. Residential work spans from a new condominium complex for the W Hotel to the critically acclaimed Valley Center House to a retreat on Vancouver Island. Daly, Genik was selected in June 2006 to design the Interim Museum of Art, a new 90,000 square foot building at Harvard University. Daly Genik’s designs have received over fifteen awards for design excellence, and their work has been featured in The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, the Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Architecture, the Los Angeles Times, Quaderns, Casabella, and Zoo.