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03.20.07 - 05.01.07 | Pacific Design Center
AIA/LA: 2x8: Vert

Ben Toam
Systems of Accumulation, Graduate Thesis, Fall 2006

Harold Portillo and Sky Milner
Interface: Implementing the Logic of Alameda, 4A Fall 2006

The American Institute of Architects Los Angeles is pleased to announce the opening of 2x8: Vert, on March 29, 2007 at the Pacific Design Center (1st Floor, Blue Hallway) in West Hollywood. This year’s exhibition will be held in conjunction with Westweek, the west coast’s leading resource for interior design, where design professionals are invited to view the latest collections from the industry’s top home furnishing manufacturers.

2x8 is an annual exhibition sponsored by the AIA/LA, showcasing exemplary student work from architecture and design institutions throughout California. Celebrating the unequalled diversity in pedagogical directions, each of the participating academic programs select two projects that exemplify its core vision. Through this important exhibition, we hope to forge an invaluable link between this emerging talent and the professional world, giving rise to significant collaborations and alliances vital to the improvement of our built environment.

Open to many interpretations, Vert encompasses the wide variety of processes and pedagogies the participating institutions offer. Its French translation is "green,” which applies to a philosophy of sustainability; Vert is also the root word of Vertical, a direction suggesting up and down, conversely often used to support an orientation that is manifested side to side; meanwhile, its Latin translation simply denotes having an upright position or utilizing joints. Each of the institutions will be given the freedom to incorporate, define or manipulate the title phrase at their discretion, creating a remarkable range of ideas and imagery illustrated in the selected projects. In addition to these presentations, student-run forums at the exhibit space will extend a critical discourse on design and its impact in the local and global community.