Inside SCI-Arc


Griffin Enright Architects: Keep Off the Grass! Planar Landscape Phenomena

Beyond Media/Oltre I Media: "Intimacy"

Studioworks: Dangerous Supplements/Modest Proposals

Final presentations of the Cafe and Boardroom Competition

Kol/Mac Studio: Vertical Urbanism: lo_res/hi_rise

Marta Malé: [E]3: Emergence, Effect, Environment

Raimund Abraham, with Alexis Rochas: Stargazer

RoTo: Still Points: A Plane Volume

Selected Thesis Projects

Brandon Labelle: Concrete Feedback: Intersections of Sound and Space

Thirty Thesis Drawings from the First Thirty Years: 30/30 Vision

Hernan Diaz, Xefirotarch: Emotional Rescue

Zago Architecture: Cipher: A Temporary Project

Thesis Reviews

Office dA: Zero Tolerances

Drawings of the Skidrow Housing Trust: Service Spot

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