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MARCH 2010

LECTURES: 2010.03.26

Stephen Slaughter: Conditions of Collaboration - PHAT to Watts

Faculty Talk: Stephen Slaughter - Conditions of Collaboration: PHAT and Watts
Friday, March 26, 1pm
W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
Intro by Chris Genik

SCI-Arc faculty member Stephen Slaughter Stephen Slaughter has been living, teaching and working in Los Angeles, California since 1995. After graduating with a Masters in Architecture from Ohio State University, and working in Thom Mayne's studio—Morphosis, Slaughter has worked in close collaboration with a number of highly respected and influential architects including Gary Bates (Space Lab), Wes Jones (Jones, Partners: Architecture) and George Yu (Design Office/George Yu Architects).

PHAT, a four man, multi-disciplinary design collaborative he co-founded with Nathaniel Belcher, pursues exhibition work and has shown at the Studio Museum in Harlem; ArchiLab in Orleans, France; and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Slaughter's most recent endeavor as Project Coordinator and Design Architect for the Watts House Project—a collaborative art work in the shape of a neighborhood redevelopment project—pairs him with artist Tanya Aguiniga in the pursuit of renovating a single family residence in the shadows of the Watts Towers.

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