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LECTURES: Fri, October 5, 2012

Eui-Sung Yi: The Struggle for National Identity and Symbolism in Government Projects: Korean Embassy in Japan and Incheon International Airport Terminal 2

Friday, October 5, 1pm
Room 160

Moderated by Todd Gannon

As globalization accelerates and cultures hybridize and blur, a counter-resistance has surfaced in Asia in how to integrate, interpret and showcase national heritage and regional identity. This is particularly acute in Asia where cultural signs and semiotics are deeply embedded in the citizens' psyche. What the West considers ornamentation and symbols are seen in the East as narrative, meaning, power, resistance and identity. The struggle for modernism during the post-modern decade of the 1980s has re-surfaced in Asia. These two high profile competitions—one under construction, the second a 3rd place winner—aim to address this issue using a more subtle form of heritage and cultural references.

Eui-Sung Yi is currently Principal of Morphosis Architects and director of the NOW Institute at UCLA. He received his Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University and his Master of Architecture at Harvard University. Yi has been involved with academia and scholarship for over fifteen years in Asia and the U.S. Currently, he is an adjunct associate professor at USC School of Architecture where he was the Director of the Master of Architecture programs from 2007-2010. He has co-taught extensively in UCLA with Thom Mayne on urban research projects (where his team received the P/A Award grand prize for LA Now: Vol. 3). He has been an AIA National Speaker on Urban Design and Sustainability for two National Conventions. Presently, he is an Executive in Docomomo International in charge of the 2014 International Conference in Seoul, Korea. He has worked extensively in Asia and the US. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Design at Chang-jo Architects in Korea where he oversaw the completion of his competition winning Korean Embassy in Tokyo, Japan and the Korean Consulate in Guangzhou, China. His working relationship with Morphosis and Thom Mayne spans over 15 years.

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