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LECTURES: 2012.10.03

Benjamin Shapiro & Brian Whitman: The Donkey vs. the Elephant

Wednesday, October 3, 6-9pm
W. M. Keck Lecture Hall

6-7:30pm: Live Broadcast of the Presidential Debate on Domestic Policy with President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

7:30-9pm: Benjamin Shapiro & Brian Whitman Debate
The Donkey vs. the Elephant

Moderated by SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election, the SCI-Arc hosted political debate focuses on issues that pertain to American cities, architecture, and the lives of contemporary students.

Ben Shapiro, 28, is Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate, and the four-time bestselling author of Brainwashed (WND Books, 2004), Porn Generation (Regnery, 2005), Project President (Thomas Nelson, 2008), and Primetime Propaganda (Harper Collins, 2011). He is a graduate of UCLA summa cum laude and Harvard Law School cum laude.

Brian Whitman has been in broadcasting for 26 years—since he was 13 years old. He is the youngest talk show host in the history of the legendary 77 WABC in New York, where he worked for 10 years. His talk show aired in Los Angeles on KABC for 7 years and he spent 3 years partnering with Tim Conway Jr. on CBS’ FM Talk Station.

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