Inside SCI-Arc

APRIL 2013

LECTURES: Fri, April 5, 2013

Anna Neimark: On White on White

Faculty Talk
Friday, April 5, 1pm
Room 160

Moderated by Todd Gannon

Neimark’s work spans in scale from urban abstractions to mountain works to table forms. All these projects refer to a few formal problems in architecture: legibility, abstraction, translation. Actively engaging disciplinary conventions of representation, these studies estrange habits of seeing and produce uncanny relations to reality. The resulting structural objects, a term used by Roland Barthes to describe the products of formal analysis, do not give insight to their origins. Instead, they remain opaque and often irreverent.

Anna Neimark │ First Office │ Los Angeles

Anna Neimark is co-founder of First Office, a design studio that focuses on form through a critical engagement with the conventions of architectural drawing. Forthcoming publications include “How to Domesticate a Mountain” in Perspecta, “Abstraction Returns” in Think-Space, and “Zoopol: A Monument to the Animal Kingdom” in Project. Prior to joining the faculty at SCI-Arc, Neimark taught at USC and worked for OMA/AMO in Rotterdam and New York. She holds a BA in Architecture from Princeton and an M.Arch I from the GSD. Her academic research on the Soviet canal system exploring the interdependency between infrastructure, monumentality and representation was on exhibit at the WUHO gallery in Los Angeles and will be published in the forthcoming issue of Future Anterior.

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