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02.27.08 | W.M. Keck Lecture Hall @ 7pm
Giovanni la Varra: Milanese Chronicles

Architect and PhD graduate in Territorial Planning at Milano Politecnico, Italy, la Varra teaches urban planning at the Milano Politecnico, School of Architecture and at the Statale di Milano, School of Philosophy. Together with Stefano Boeri and Gianandrea Barreca, he leads the Boeri Studio in Milan.

In both his research and professional work, la Varra's focus is in urban design and infrastructures, such as Genova, Napoli, Trieste, Thessaloniki, Marseille and Mytilene. In 2000, along with a group of colleagues, Multiplicty.lab – a research laboratory – was founded and is sponsored by the Milano Politecnico. Multiplicity conducts research, workshops, open discussions, and proposes strategies of intervention related to contemporary urban conditions. It investigates sociological transformations of inhabited territories in collaboration with specialists from a variety of disciplines such as: architecture, urban planning, anthropology, art, sociology, etc. Some of the completed projects are: USE Uncertain States of Europe (Skira, 2002), Solid Sea (Documenta 11, 2002), Milano, Cronache dell’abitare (Mondadori, 2007).

Currently, Giovanni is investigating the nomadic living conditions of some European populations and how their territorial occupation is transforming parts of the city of Milan. He is also one of the curators of "Occasional cities. Post it City and other formats of temporality," an exhibition opening in March 2008 at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB). "Post it City" examines the use of public spaces under a temporary, often unusual, context.