Inside SCI-Arc


03.19.08 | W.M. Keck Lecture Hall @ 7pm
Benjamin Ball + Gaston Nogues: Spaces Between the Hammer and the Mouse

Alumni-sponsored lecture
Partners, Ball-Nogues Studio, Los Angeles

Ball-Nogues Studio is an integrated design and fabrication practice that creates experimental built environments to enhance and celebrate the potential for social interaction through sensation, spectacle and physical engagement while striving to infuse the matter of the built environment with a downstream purpose. To achieve these results, the firm works with unusual materials, develops new digital tools and applies architectural techniques in unorthodox ways. Sharing an enthusiasm for the fabrication process, Ball-Nogues Studio relates to the built object both physically and poetically, letting the material's properties, limitations, and economic scenarios guide the structure’s ultimate form while also developing methods to extend the intertwined boundaries of a material’s aesthetics, physical potential and lifecycle.

Their design process is a carefully orchestrated collaboration, mixing digital development with hands-on fabrication research. This is an essential approach given the rapid evolution of computer modeling techniques, CNC fabrication capabilities and exciting material discoveries. Instead of creating distance via digital tools, the firm studies technique in order to adapt to the built environment and move beyond and into the realm of creating atmosphere.