Inside SCI-Arc


03.31.08 | Kappe Library, 7pm
C-HUB Boardroom Table Discussion: Ramiro Diaz Granados & Heather Flood & Eric Owen Moss


03.31.08 at 7pm in the Kappe Library

Faculty members Ramiro Diaz-Granandos and Heather Flood, partners F-lab, designed the new SCI-Arc boardroom table, CHUB. Serving as the “central hub” of SCI-Arc, the table engages the broad social and cultural demands of the school by behaving as an infrastructural organism that can respond to a range of formal and informal events. The initial call was for a new Board of Directors table, with a capacity for 25 members, which would also promote an egalitarian environment, but Diaz-Granados and Flood extend that model to equally serve the multiple bodies within the school, including the Board of Directors, the Administration, the Students and the Faculty.

F-lab is a research based design practice committed to the production of architectural form and its relationship to contemporary culture, both pop and sub. Their research is driven by a range of abstract and concrete material paradigms with an eye towards mediating the boundaries between individual and collective experiences and between established typological hierarchies. F-lab employs the role of material dynamics within a multi-disciplinary approach in order to generate spatial and organizational models that enhance our lifestyles and their environmental expressions. For F-lab, form is a result of a confluence of forces, from the pragmatics of actual constraints to the desires of virtual fantasies.

F-lab was founded in 2007 by Ramiro Diaz-Granados and Heather Flood. Each principal leads a specific mode of research with the intent of maintaining a continuous feedback loop between form and content.