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11.14.09 | W.M. Keck Lecture Hall, 2-4pm
SCI-Arc Future Initiatives (SCIFI) Symposium & Book Launch

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(Photos: Lida Mahabadi)

Followed by a book launch reception for A New Infrastructure, Innovative Transit Solutions for Los Angeles.

Some fifteen years have passed since Rem Koolhaas claimed that "If there is to be a 'new urbanism,' it will not be based on the twin fantasies of order and omnipotence but [on] the staging of uncertainty." "To survive," Koolhaas continued, "urbanism will have to imagine a new newness."

In the intervening decade and a half, while the collective weight of the world's largest cities has grown by almost 150 million people, urban designers and architects have remarkably ceded the planning and invention of cities to panoply of other interest groups and professionals. When called to action, many of the urbanists and architects who remain committed to the arena of city making now retreat to historical models of urbanization in favor of innovation or novelty.

Terrabank Village at the 10 Freeway, Fletcher Studio

Organized by SCI-Arc's Future Initiatives program, the Other New Urbanisms Symposium will explore the possibilities and pitfalls of innovative and contemporary approaches to city making. As the second in a series of planned SCI-Arc Future Initiatives (SCIFI) symposia, this event aims to broaden the discussion of the "new" in urbanism, with the hope of discussing a range of contemporary approaches to urban design that integrate new attitudes towards cultural production, aesthetics, and ecology.

The event is free and open to the public. No reservations are required. The symposium will also be broadcast live at


David Fletcher
Principal, Fletcher Studio
Faculty at California College of the Arts

David Fletcher is an Urban Designer and Landscape Architect. He has taught at the Harvard Design School, SCI-Arc, and Otis—where he was the Assistant Chair of Architecture. His research and writings address infrastructure, ecology and landscape urbanism. His practice ranges from strategic site design to regional planning, with an emphasis on performance and process. Fletcher Studio has been named finalist and winner in a number of recent international open space design and planning competitions. Current and recent work includes alternative transportation networks, green streets, public parks, reclamation projects, and waterfronts.

Miriam 'Mia' Guttfreund Lehrer, FASLA
Founding Principal, Mia Lehrer + Associates

Mia Lehrer is the founding principal of Mia Lehrer + Associates, known for its design and development of a wide spectrum of ambitious public and private projects that include urban revitalization developments, large urban parks, and complex commercial projects. With great appreciation for the Southern California region, Mia Lehrer prides herself and her firm in reaching out to the community and focusing on projects which affect our neighborhoods. She is also committed to protecting our environment and designing projects that will heal our earth. An environmentalist at heart and in practice, Lehrer has forged a reputation for excellence in landscape architecture that has attracted work internationally. She believes that great landscape design coupled with sustainability has the power to enhance the livability and quality of life in our cities.

Andrew Zago
Principal, Zago Architecture
Faculty and Visual Studies Coordinator, SCI-Arc

Andrew Zago formed Zago Architecture in 1992. He worked in Los Angeles and New York, where he was the founding director of the master's program in architecture at the City University of New York. Aside from his architectural projects, he also creates autonomous studies, mostly in the form of drawings and assemblages. While still completing buildings, he is currently experimenting with film and digital processing to explore urban and spatial analysis within the context of Detroit, his native city.


Orhan Ayyüce
Architect, senior editor and architecture critic for Archinect, Los Angeles
Columnist for Arkitera, Istanbul
Born in Izmir, Turkey. Lives and works in Los Angeles. Graduate of Sci Arc, 1981.

The articles, reviews and interviews by Orhan Ayyüce are regularly published in many leading architecture websites, magazines, newspapers and design blogs throughout the world and translated to different languages. Along with his writing and architectural practice, he is a part time faculty at Cal-Poly Pomona architecture department and regularly interacts with students as a guest critic at local architecture schools.

Sylvia Lavin
Chair, Ph.D. in Architecture Program, UCLA
Professor of Architectural History and Theory, UCLA

A Professor and Director of Critical Studies and MA/PhD programs at UCLA, Lavin has served as visiting professor at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and elsewhere. Lavin's next books The Flash in the Pan and Other Forms of Architectural Contemporaneity and Kissing Architecture are forthcoming. With Hi-C, a design/research collaborative she founded at UCLA, Lavin is currently curating two exhibitions: Craig Hodgetts, Playmaker - which opened at ACE Galleries, Los Angeles in October; and Take Note which opens at the CCA, Montreal in February 2010.


David Bergman
SCIFI Coordinator
Principal, MR+E

Peter Zellner
SCIFI Coordinator