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11.09.09 | W.M. Keck Hall, 1pm
Aranda/Lasch & Machineous Lecture: Fool's Gold Workshop

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(Photos: Lida Mahabadi)

In conjunction with a week-long design seminar hosted at SCI-Arc November 4 - 10, workshop moderators Aranda/Lasch & Machineous shared results of their workshop focused on validating designs by moving quickly from the abstraction of geometric and computational models to the fabrication of physical prototypes, using the resources available at SCI-Arc.

An intensive one week of investigation of crystallographic structure as an organizing force for design and architecture, the workshop focused on the design and fabrication of aggregated assemblies, which are best described not as any design object in particular, but rather something more open and embryonic, constructed objects that point to the potential of designing part to whole relationships endowed with the kind of distributed intelligence afforded by computation.

Unlike more conventional architectural assemblies which rely on hierarchical structures for functionality and legibility, this class explored organizations in which parts communicate with one another through an intelligence built-in through modularity and computation, allowing families of small parts to grow into larges assemblies. Like sandcastles on a beach, these organizations can crystallize into any number of forms and can dissolve again without any loss of information.

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About Aranda/Lasch
Established in 2003 by Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch, Aranda/Lasch is a New-York-based studio engaged in both experimental research and innovative building. Winners of the Young Architects Award from the Architecture League and United States Fellowship in 2007, their design work from buildings to installations to objects has garnered international recognition. Their early architectural projects were the subject of the critically acclaimed book, Tooling, published by Princeton Architectural Press. Aranda/Lasch has exhibited their work internationally in galleries and institutions dealing with design and architecture.