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01.27.10 | W. M. Keck Lecture Hall - 7pm
Matmos/Drew Daniel & M.C. Schmidt: Queer Assemblages

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(Photos: Lida Mahabadi & Rafael Sampaio Rocha)

Wednesday, January 27, 7pm
W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
Intro by Heather Flood

The San Francisco-based experimental music group Matmos begins SCI-Arc's Spring 2010 lecture series on January 27. Matmos is M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel, aided and abetted by many others.

experimental music group Matmos

In their recordings and live performances over the last twelve years, Matmos have employed such unlikely objects and instruments as amplified crayfish nerve tissue, the turning pages of Bibles, a bowed five string banjo, slowed down whistles and kisses, and water hitting copper plates.