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04.07.10 | W. M. Keck Lecture Hall - 7pm
David Erdman: amass

Wednesday, April 7, 7pm
W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
Intro by Hsinming Fung

Yud Yud - the storefront of the davidclovers studio in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Known for exploring the ways in which architectural mass can produce distinct sensations, davidclovers brings together the practices of David Erdman and Clover Lee. Their work moves between design platforms and scales of operation, between urban design, interiors and product design. In 2009, davidclovers relocated from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, immersing the studio into an actively maturing Southeast Asian design culture.

In this lecture, Erdman illustrates how the current projects of davidclovers both redefine and relate to the terms mass production and mass media.

This summer, davidclovers will exhibit their work in the SCI-Arc Gallery. The installation, Immuring, will showcase the culmination of davidclovers' two-year collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist C.E.B. Reas, DuPont China Ltd., Speed Top (Hong Kong) Ltd. and E-grow (Shanghai) on this project.

David Erdman has been a thesis advisor at SCI-Arc and a member of the design faculty at UCLA. In 2010, Erdmann will be a Visiting Professor at Hong Kong University and Rice University.

Clover Lee is an Assistant Professor at Rice University School of Architecture and the Director of the RSA China Program. Clover is a Visiting Professor at Hong Kong University and previously held a Visiting Professorship at the University of Michigan.