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03.31.10 | SCI-Arc, Mac Lab
MediaSCAPES Lecture: The Art of Game Design

Kevin Mack
WhiteMoom Dreams LA
Wednesday, March 31, 6pm
Mac Lab, SCI-Arc

Kevin Mack, Director of Game Design at WhiteMoon Dreams, presents the criteria fundamental to game design, including game intention, game narrative, user interface, environment and character design.

WhiteMoon Dreams is a successful independent digital entertainment studio located in Pasadena, Calif. They build games for the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. They have several games in development now, including a newly announced real-time, action-adventure adaptation of the massively popular Warmachine tabletop strategy game. In addition, they are developing several internal titles and are working hard to bring to consoles.

Check for more on the games they are building.