Inside SCI-Arc


02.18.11 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Patrick Tighe + Eric Owen Moss: Gallery Exhibition Discussion

Friday, February 18, 7pm
SCI-Arc Gallery

Architect Patrick Tighe and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss discuss the Out of Memory exhibition

Out of Memory, designed by Patrick Tighe for the SCI-Arc Gallery, is an experience at the convergence of sound, material, light, form and technology. Accompanied by a site-specific composition by world-renowned musician Ken Ueno, the installation introduces a sound-scape integral to the experience, employed as a vehicle to explore the spatialization of sound within the physical boundaries of the gallery.

Proposing a new structural materiality, the installation uses polyurethane foam as a total building assembly for its structure, envelope and acoustical barrier. The interior surface of the parabolic structure is a tridimensional representation of Ueno’s composition. Realized through Machineous’ six-axis robotic milling, the sonic contours are derived from the sound contained within. The chamber’s spiraling geometry and acoustically absorptive material magnify the spatial and the aural. Experientially, notions of memory are confronted. Traces of the ambient combine with visions of the past, present and future as one’s awareness is heightened and perceptions are altered.

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