Inside SCI-Arc


02.23.11 | W.M. Keck Lecture Hall, SCI-Arc
Polytopes: The Architecture of Soundscapes

Composer Yannis Xenakis' radical new sound universe and sound architecture for 20th century music is the inspiration for a unique symposium organized by the MediaSCAPES program at SCI-Arc on Wednesday, February 23, 7pm.

Staging new electronic and visual music to a discussion with composers and performers, this symposium links the relations of sound experience, sound inherent structures and mathematics to architecture and space. Organized by the MediaSCAPES post-graduate program at SCI-Arc, the event is dedicated to a public audience and students interested in imagining the fusion of contemporary practices of architecture with media, music making and art.

Participants include Juan Azulay, Jean Michel Crettaz, Craig Hodgetts, Lance Putnam, Curtis Roads, Steve Roden, David Rosenboom and Carolina Trigo.

Special thanks to Abby Sher for her support of this event.

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