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04.08.11 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Barbara Bestor + Eric Owen Moss: Gallery Exhibition Discussion

Friday, April 8, 7pm
SCI-Arc Gallery
Architect Barbara Bestor and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss discuss the Silent Disco exhibition

Visit the Silent Disco exhibition page >>

Architecture students are the "imagined" client for this temporary disco installation. Providing respite from the institutional production of architecture with a lightly hedonistic program, Silent Disco aims to support social and communal experiences. The architectural project here is not limited to the execution of a design and its special effects, but a framework to encourage visual, physical and social pleasure. The design of the structure is an overscaled, unfolded demi-dodecahedron model that contains a strong graphic interface.

In addition to the discussion with architect Barbara Bestor and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss on April 8, there will be two DJ disco dance party nights in conjunction with the installation–'Disco Silencio' on April 1 and 'Disco Callado' on April 22.