Inside SCI-Arc


04.01.11 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Barbara Bestor Architecture: Silent Disco Opening Reception

Friday, April 1, 7-9pm
Opening Reception in the SCI-Arc Gallery, with special event Disco Silencio

Architecture students are the "imagined" client for this temporary disco installation designed by Barbara Bestor Architecture. Providing respite from the institutional production of architecture with a lightly hedonistic program, Silent Disco aims to support social and communal experiences. The architectural project here is not limited to the execution of a design and its special effects, but a framework to encourage visual, physical and social pleasure.

The design of the structure is an overscaled, unfolded demi-dodecahedron model that contains a strong graphic interface. The installation's title, Silent Disco, refers to both the less populated hours of the gallery–when the environment might be experienced by a student or two seeking relief from their computer screens–and to the space itself, when it is unplugged but still dancing.

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