Inside SCI-Arc


10.12.12 | SCI-Arc Gallery, 960 E. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Patrik Schumacher + Eric Owen Moss: "Pleated Shell Structures" Exhibition Discussion

Exhibition Discussion
Friday, October 12, 7pm
W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
Patrik Schumacher and Eric Owen Moss discuss the exhibition
Opening Reception follows in the SCI-Arc Gallery

Pleated Shell Structures│Zaha Hadid Architects│SCI-Arc Gallery

This short term research-prototype posits itself within the argument for parametric design research to focus its efforts on design methods that encompass an operative pathway from design intent to its manifestation. Physical form-finding –hanging chains and cloth, soap films, etc.—and associated architectural design methods as pioneered by Antonio Gaudi, Heinz Isler, Frei Otto, Felix Candela and others is common knowledge among architects.

The proposed research-prototype for the installation in the SCI-Arc Gallery aims to extend this work to adequately represent the ambitions and complexities of scale, digital design systems and delivery mechanisms of contemporary architectural practises. The installation will explore as a design-build exercise, synergies between architectural articulation, engineering logics and fabrication constraints. It will continue Zaha Hadid Architects’ on-going research on architectural articulation of self-supporting, curved surface geometries.