Inside SCI-Arc


April Greiman: Think About What You Think About
Preston Scott Cohen: Discretized Curves and Tectonic Language
Friends of Friends Discussions: An Te Liu, with ForYourArt founder Bettina Korek
Aranda/Lasch & Machineous Lecture: Fool's Gold Workshop
Joe Day / deegan day design - Exhibition Discussion: Blow x Blow Gallery Exhibition
Toshiko Mori: Works and Projects
Yung Ho Chang: The Other Project
Jean-Pierre Hebert: Sketching Scripts, Scripting Drawings
Laurie Olin: It’s Called Landscape Architecture, Not Landscape Gardening for a Reason
Todd Gannon: Recent Work
Marcelo Spina: Wholes, Holes, and All the Other Stuff in Between
Volkan Alkanoglu: On Distortion
SCI-FI Talk: A discussion with Indian urbanist Prathima Manohar
Eugene Thacker: After Life
Schindler/Neutra, Neutra/Schindler
SCI_Arc Gallery exhibition discussion: Eric Owen Moss in Conversation with Jeffrey Kipnis
Peter Cook: Hard and Soft
Jason Payne: American Gothic
Jessica D'Elena: Graphitecture: The Graphic Designer Draws Lines in the Architect's Sandbox
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