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Volkan Alkanoglu: On Distortion
SCI-FI Talk: A discussion with Indian urbanist Prathima Manohar
Eugene Thacker: After Life
Schindler/Neutra, Neutra/Schindler
SCI_Arc Gallery exhibition discussion: Eric Owen Moss in Conversation with Jeffrey Kipnis
Peter Cook: Hard and Soft
Jason Payne: American Gothic
Jessica D'Elena: Graphitecture: The Graphic Designer Draws Lines in the Architect's Sandbox
Evan Roth: Release Early, Often, and with Rap Music
Steve and Theo Spyropoulos: Systemic Play
Spring 2009 Mediascapes Symposium: Immersive and Virtual Architecture: at the Edge of Physicality
Elena Manferdini: Design is One
A NEW INFRASTRUCTURE: Innovative Transit Solutions for Los Angeles: Jury Discussion
Eric Owen Moss: The Latest and the Latest
Robert Davolio: From Concept to Fabrication: Building Non-Cartesian Structural Systems
Livio Sacchi: Cities and Architecture: Looking Ahead
Tom Farrage: All in a Day's Work
Stan Allen: "Before and After Landscape Urbanism"
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