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Neville Mars: From Book to Buildings - The Potential and Problems of a Practice in China
Peter Macapia: The Smell of Geometry
Curtis Roads: Microsound
Hien Ngo Quan: Vision to Reality
Sam Nazarian and Theresa Fatino: A Conversation — Moderated by Eric Owen Moss
Stephanie Smith: Lighten Up!
Jennifer Siegal: Generation Mobile : the Death of Distance
SCI-Arc Gallery exhibition discussion: Eric Owen Moss, Dwayne Oyler & Jenny Wu
SCIFI at SCI-Arc: The City after the Economy // Fall Symposium 2008
Christopher Michlig: Negations
Daniel Mihalyo and Annie Hahn
A conversation with Andrew Zago: XYT: Detroit Streets
Greg Walsh: Backgrounds for Art- Creating Coherent Context
Tom Wiscombe: Structural Ecologies
Peter Zellner: Between Jobs
Stefano Boeri + Cini Boeri: Stand, Love or Hate the Client
Mamolu Nakagawa: Kaga Zogan Metal Inlay
Arvind Palep: Inspiration From Self-Reference
Julie Eizenberg: Architecture Isn't Just for Special Occasions
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