Inside SCI-Arc


Jean Michel Crettaz & Eric Owen Moss: SCI-Arc Gallery exhibition discussion
Edward Eigen: A Crash Course in History
Dietmar Steiner: Messy Modernism - A Different Story of Austrian Architecture
Manuel DeLanda: The New Materialism and the Mind
Peter Walker: Before the Memorial
Jeffrey Kipnis: *@$#*!#!!
Mark Foster Gage: The Forces of Effervescence
Michael Maltzan and Eric Owen Moss: SCI-Arc Gallery exhibition discussion
Herwig Baumgartner: B+U
Geoff Manaugh: Future Conjecture Speculation
Süha Özkan: Urban Transformations in Istanbul
Wolf Prix: Not enough is too much
Patrick Tighe: TIGHE Architecture
Bill Mitchell: SMART CITIES: The City Car and Other Recent Work
Heather Libonati: Luminesce Design
Aaron Bocanegra: Artist/Filmmaker
Andrew Kudless: Processing Matter
Qingyun Ma: Curatorial Urbanism
Meejin Yoon + Eric Höweler: Public Works: Projects in Play
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