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CJ Lim: Being English
Peter Frankfurt, Co-Director, Co-Founder of Imaginary Forces: Experience Designed
Michael Maltzan, Eric Owen Moss, Thom Mayne Debate: Rethinking LA: 21st Century Global City or City of Missed Opportunities?
Steve Roden: In Between Noise
Elena Manferdini
George Ranalli: Iconic Form
Casey Reas, UCLA Design Media Arts Faculty: Software / Process / Drawing
Jean-Michel Crettaz
Johnson Fain: Collusion or Consensus: Recent Works
Roberto Davolio, Architect: Form and Structure: Integrated Parametric Modeling of Structure and Cladding
Tim Durfee: Occam's Razor
Adventures in Kazakhstan: Exhibition Talk
Neil Leach: Camouflage
Ed Soja: Putting Cities First: Thoughts on the Stimulus of Urban Agglomeration
Alex Schweder: Interdisciplinary artist, Seattle
Thomas Daniell: Pushing the Envelope
Liza Fior: Tailgating as municipal housekeeping—How thoughts are made into things
Benjamin Bratton, Norman Klein and Bruna Mori: Disappearing Cities
Brendan MacFarlane: Paris: Growing Structures
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