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Ed Soja: Putting Cities First: Thoughts on the Stimulus of Urban Agglomeration
Alex Schweder: Interdisciplinary artist, Seattle
Thomas Daniell: Pushing the Envelope
Liza Fior: Tailgating as municipal housekeeping—How thoughts are made into things
Benjamin Bratton, Norman Klein and Bruna Mori: Disappearing Cities
Brendan MacFarlane: Paris: Growing Structures
Schindler Redux
Fuad K. Malkawi, PhD: Inventing Dubai: Is Too Much Really Too Much?
Zbigniew Oksiuta: Spatium Gelatum & Breeding Spaces
Odile Decq: Sensual Hyper Tension
Manuel Delanda: Deleuze and the Use of Genetic Algorithms in Architecture
Daly, Genik Architects
Urbanism: Does Distance Matter?: Machine Debates
Conversation + Booksigning: Stillpoints
Michael Maltzan: The Attenuated Eye As It Relates To the Possibility of the Public
2006 AIA National Convention, Los Angeles | Panel Discussion: Urban Next: LA and the Gulf Coast
Coop Himmelb(l)au: SKY-Arc
2006 AIA National Convention, Los Angeles | Presentation: Los Angeles: An Urban Law Unto Itself
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