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Havana/LA/Havana Symposium
Craig Dykers: Snøhetta Works
Raimund Abraham Lecture: Eric Owen Moss + Frank Gehry: You Can't Rehearse Something You Haven't Invented Yet
Henk Ovink: Design and Politics
Emmett Zeifman: Notes on a Beginning
Gregg Pasquarelli: Never Ever Don’t: Why SHoP Breaks the Rules
What’s a Guggenheim? Symposium
Tod Williams & Billie Tsien: Being Specific
Sou Fujimoto: Between Nature and Architecture
Herwig Baumgartner + Scott Uriu: Familiar and the Uncanny
Bernard Tschumi: Concept & Notation
Sandra Yum: Growing Pains
Florencia Pita + Jackilin Bloom: #colorforming
Jake Matatyaou: Words, Buildings, Images
ACADIA Conference Panel @ SCI-Arc: Design Aesthetics in the Digital Age
Benjamin Farnsworth: Non Fiction: Design of Theory Fellowship Lecture, Inaugural Year (Part 2)
Michael Sorkin: How Green is My City
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