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Alberto Kalach: Alberto Kalach Workshop
Panel Discussion & Book Signing: Et in Suburbia Ego: José Oubrerie’s Miller House & A Question of Qualities by Jeff Kipnis
Jen Stark: Art, Science & the Cosmos
Kenneth Frampton & Eric Owen Moss Debate: Dialectical Lyric
Kenneth Frampton: Towards an Agonistic Architecture
Joan Ockman: An Orchid in the Land of Technology
Sarah Whiting: Engaging Autonomy
Bryony Roberts: In-Discrete Architecture
Tom Wiscombe: The Status of Subdivisions
Cynthia Davidson: Image and Word: A Critical Context
Ali Rahim: Sophisticated Form
Guy Nordenson: Climate Adaptation
Anton Garcia-Abril: Current Work
John Southern: Paradise Found: Taboos and Tattoos
GRAFT: In Pursuit of Happiness
Graham Harman: Strange Objects Contra Parametricism
2013 Graduate Thesis Weekend & Graduation Ceremony
Sylvia Lavin and Eric Owen Moss: In Conversation
Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.: A Confederacy of Heretics Symposium
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