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House as Manifesto: SCI-Arc in Austria

The house – as an architectural project - is a preeminent laboratory for experimentation and creative exploration. As such the house can be a succinct and uncompromised articulation of an architect’s idea. It provides an intimate and relatively unfettered arena to test formal and spatial hypotheses, to reconsider programmatic conventions, to forge new working techniques and to experiment with new technologies.

A particular sub-class of these houses, however, stands apart. The house as manifesto goes further than seeing the house as just a laboratory for architectural experimentation. It presents instead a comprehensive and overwhelming vision. It is a summation of an architect’s world view put forth as a radical provocation. From La Malcontenta to 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields to Savoye to Fallingwater to the Vanna Venturi house to the Lewis Residence, the house-as-manifesto projects a new vision of architecture and its efficacy within the world. It is political in that it stands as a declaration of principles. As much discourse as artistry, it is meant to provoke action and change minds. At a moment when the moorings of global capital are coming undone, and with it the certainties of our social, political and aesthetic assumptions, a new architectural manifesto is sorely needed.

This workshop exploits the extraordinary opportunity to work in Günther Domenig’s own manifesto - the Steinhaus. The workshop will include a group of architects and students of architecture, from SCI-Arc and various institutions in Austria. All will work closely over the course of three days to formulate the contemporary promise and possibility of the house as manifesto.

At the end of the week, students will travel to Vienna and exhibit their work at the MAK center, along with students from TU, Graz. For the opening of the show a symposium will be held at the MAK center on Sunday, November 23.


3 instructors from SCI-Arc: Elena Manferdini, Alexis Rochas, Marcelo Spina
10 students from SCI-Arc: Abbey Chong; Alexander Cornelius; Christy Coleman; Cory Hill; Geoffrey Elander; Jeff Morrical; Loke Chan; Lucia Bartholomew; Tanja Werner; Yu Nong Khew
with 4 instructors and 8 students from TU, Graz


SCI-Arc Student Presentation at the MAK center in Vienna, Austria
Sunday, November 23
For the opening of the show a symposium will be held at the MAK center.
Potential jurors include Wolf Prix, Peter Noever, Ming Fung, Alexis Rochas, Marcelo Spina, Elena Manferdini, and Eric Owen Moss.