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2009 Graduation Pavilion by Alexis Rochas
SCI-Arc honored and celebrated the Graduate and Undergraduate class of 2009 on Sun, September 13 in the Graduation Pavilion - a custom-built structure created by students under the supervision of design faculty Alexis Rochas.

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Commencement Speaker: Michael Sorkin
Faculty Speaker: Hernan Diaz-Alonso


5:00-5:10 pm
Welcome | Eric Owen Moss
Director, SCI-Arc

5:10-5:25 pm
Commencement Address Part 1 | Hernan Diaz Alonso
Principal, Xerfirotarch, Distinguished Professor of Architecture and Graduate Thesis Coordinator, SCI-Arc

5:25-5:40 pm
Commencement Address Part 2 | Michael Sorkin
Principal, Michael Sorkin Studio, Distinguished Professor of Architecture and Director of the Graduate Program in Urban Design, CCNY

5:40-5:50 pm
Alpha Rho Chi Medal
Henry Adams Certificate
Henry Adams Medal
Andrew Zago, Visual Studies Coordinator, Design Faculty, SCI-Arc

5:50-5:55 pm
SCI-Arc Service Awards
Peter Zellner, Future Initiatives Coordinator, Design Faculty, SCI-Arc

5:55-6:05 pm
SCI-Arc Scholarships
Thomas Wiscombe, Applied Studies Coordinator, Design Faculty, SCI-Arc

6:05- 6:15 pm
Alumni Association Address | Nick Seierup
FAIA, Principal and Design Director, Perkins + Will; Board Member, Alumni Association Founding Member, B.Arch '79, SCI-Arc

6:15- 6:45 pm
Presentation of Diplomas Graduation with Distinction Awards
- SCI-Arc Future Initiatives
- Mediascapes
- Graduate
- Undergraduate
Ming Fung, Graduate Programs Director
Chris Genik, Undergraduate Program Director
David Bergman, Peter Zellner, Future Initiatives Coordinators
Jean Michel Crettaz, Mediascapes Coordinator

6:45-7:00 pm
Thesis Comments
Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award
Outstanding Graduate Thesis Award
Eric Owen Moss

All School Reception