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Wing House by Alum Featured in Angeleno Magazine

David Hertz’s (B.Arch '83) latest project, The Wing House, is featured in this month’s Angeleno Magazine. The project, a single-family home for Mercedes Benz dealership heiress Francie Rehwald and her family, is located on a 55-acre property in the remote hills of Malibu, CA.

The raw materials of the project include nearly every part of a Boeing 747 plane, as well as glass, steel and concrete. The wings and horizontal stabilizers from the tail of the plane serve as self-supporting roofs for the main house, with minimal structural support needed.

Other parts of the home include a guest house made from the first class cabin, an art studio fashioned from the fuselage and a meditation room created from the plane’s nose.

In order to transport the plane, its wings were separated and the body of the airplane was cut into 50-foot sections. All transported parts were accompanied by a police escort, across five closed freeways. The pieces were then airlifted by helicopter to the property.

"The hardest part wasn't transporting an entire 747 from a junkyard in Victorville – it was waiting for approvals from 17 different agencies, including the FAA,” Hertz said.

The Wing House took three and a half years to complete, starting from design, plan and build. The home will be fully finished in six months.

Hertz is principal of Studio of Environmental Architecture in Santa Monica, CA.