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Alum-led Practice Designs for Coachella

When the 12th annual edition of the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival ended last week, alum Bryan Flaig (M.Arch2 '05) and Alejandra Lillo (formerly of Graft) were among those congratulating themselves on a job well done. One of the most popular music events in the US, the 3-day festival has built a reputation for shooting unknown artists into the spotlight, and this time, it was Undisclosable—the emerging LA-based design practice recently founded by Flaig and Lillo—that was invited to partner with The Creators Project in bringing to the Coachella 2011 grounds a monumental interactive installation to showcase a collaboration between J. Spaceman of the beloved "space rock" band Spiritualized and acclaimed UK-based filmmaker Jonathan Glazer.

Creative talents including Glazer, Spaceman, Undisclosable, One of Us, and Juliette Larthe, received the task to conceive a new audiovisual experience and re-imagine musical performance, creating new ways of interacting with and enjoying the musical art form. The resulting complex sound and light installation was designed to deconstruct and spatially "remix" Spiritualized's most famous track, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space," translating the musical experience into a uniquely physical one.

For this installation, the Undisclosable team designed a cathedral-like space (shown above), with isolated pools of light each containing a different component of the original track.

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