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SCI-Arc Hosts K-PST Performances on Its Campus

LOS ANGELES (January 18, 2012) - Coming up next week, SCI-Arc hosts the Los Angeles showing of the Kaleidoscope of Pacific Standard Time (K-PST)’s RE:COMPOSITION, a two-city thematic program of four new performances dedicated to the liberating spirit of California-native John Cage, in honor of his centenary in 2012.

Conceived and produced by independent curator Julie Lazar, RE:COMPOSITION considers how current compositional practices are enabling artists in a variety of disciplines to re-conceive and reconstitute aspects of their art production.

RE:COMPOSITION will run in Los Angeles for two nights only, with the same program presented on Friday, Jan 27 and Saturday, Jan 28 from 8-10pm.

Part of the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time Performance & Public Art Festival initiative, RE:COMPOSITION is the only project that features state-wide commissioned performances, traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles—a journey which references the flow of artistic ideas that have historically moved up and down the coast. A live stream will also be provided via

Though no John Cage compositions will be performed during RE:COMPOSITION, the program honors the pioneering role which Cage played in the expansion of visual art and musical compositional practices both internationally and in the conversation with the work of earlier artists.

Sandro Dukic presenting Still Movement: Homage to Nan Hoover at the Netherlands Media Art Institute on December 2-3, 2011

Each performance explores some aspect of change in contemporary art in California from 1945 to the present, including:

Still Movement: Homage to Nan Hoover (2012) by Sandro Dukic. A commissioned performance installation inspired by Hoover’s photographic work from 1980. The title describes the occupation of her interests, while the event manifests the contours of her core ideas.

Bar Hopping (2012), composed and performed by Joan Jeanrenaud and Paul de Jong. Commissioned music and film that playfully rethinks visual and musical influences in California from the mid-1950s to the present, including cello concertos and contemporary experimental composers.

Evolution (2010-2012) by JD Beltran, with music by Marc Barrite and technical assistance by Scott Minneman. As an adaptation of AntiMaster, projected digital film is synchronized with live electronic music. Evolution is inspired by the migration of ideas between San Francisco and Los Angeles from the late 1940s through the 1960s that formed the basis of the Visual Music Movement. Its creative influences include Oskar Fischinger, James and John Whitney, Jordan Belson, and Harry Jacobs.

I N T E R R U P T U S (2008-2012) by Joan Retallack. A procedural lecture for two voices composed by Joan Retallack in homage to John Cage’s principle of interpenetration and non-obstruction. Texts by Michael Ives and Joan Retallack. Performed by Michael Ives and Joan Retallack who collaborated on the realization of the piece.

Tickets are $15 for general admission and $12 for students/seniors, and are available at the door. Free parking is available in the SCI-Arc parking lot at 350 Merrick Street (between 4th and Traction).