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Manferdini Completes Design of Cruise Ship in Japan

SCI-Arc faculty Elena Manferdini recently completed the interior and exterior design and construction of a 200-foot-long cruise boat in Japan. Upon entering the new Bianca, travelers are immersed in landscapes of light, color and infinite views on the surrounding nature.

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Bianca Cruise Ship/Japan/Elena Manferdini

Floors and ceilings, along with the outside panoramas, act as internal "second natures" able to create elongated perspective where extraordinary lands of colorful waters and skies meet. Similar to gardens, the wrapping surfaces of Bianca create an idealized landscape that fluctuates between the abstract and pictorial. At each floor of the boat, travelers experience a unique view of the surrounding horizon. Named after the different times of the day (sunset, sunrise, midday, etc.), the various spaces offer a continuous pictorial experience of nature.

Manferdini is scheduled to give a lecture centered on the project at the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka, Japan on April 12, 2012.
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