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Pavilion Proposal by Alkanoglu Wins Utah Design Competition

SCI-Arc faculty member Volkan Alkanoglu of VA Design, along with partner Marc Fornes of THEVERYMANY, won a competition to design an outdoor pavilion for the Salt Lake City Community College and Administration Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. The design by Alkanoglu and Fornes was selected from more than 200 proposals submitted.

SLCC Pavilion, Salt Lake City, Utah | Volkan Alkanoglu | Marc Fornes

The competition was organized by the Salt Lake Community College in partnership with the Utah Division of Facilities Construction and Management and the Utah Arts Council’s Public Art Program.

The SLCC Pavilion takes on the roles of an art piece, gateway structure, and public meeting place, celebrating the notion of education, communication and innovation. It is an aesthetically pleasing addition to the cultural qualities of the community, and resonates with a larger audience.

The art work will be connecting the SLCC building to the larger campus and is expected to be extensively used by students. The form is conceived as a pavilion type which allows larger gatherings, formal or informal. The design proposal reflects these qualities with a strong formal sculptural expression and coloration creating an identity and recognizable figure. The form allows for community gathering, visual appreciation, and the building of a strong identity for the SLCC building.

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