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Graduation Pavilion Competition Exhibition Opens October 19 in the SCI-Arc Library

Starting Friday, October 19, visitors of the SCI-Arc Library will have the opportunity to examine firsthand the design entries of the four faculty members participating in the Graduation Pavilion competition held during summer 2012 to select an innovative, technically implementable and visually remarkable design for a new outdoor pavilion on the school's campus.

SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion 2013│The League of Shadows│PATTERNS

Funded by a generous grant from ArtPlace, the pavilion will be located in the SCI-Arc parking lot on the eastern edge of downtown Los Angeles, where it is scheduled to be completed during spring 2013.

SCI-Arc invited faculty members Ramiro Diaz-Granados, Elena Manferdini, Marcelo Spina and Tom Wiscombe to submit design concepts for a 1,200-seat outdoor pavilion that would accommodate graduation ceremonies, lectures, symposia and outreach cultural events with the neighboring Arts District community.

The winning entry, League of Shadows, designed by Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich of PATTERNS, fully exploits the fundamental aspect underlying the pavilion, its temporal use as an outdoor event space. Their proposal to design a vaulted pavilion allows the structure a double function: that of an outdoor public event space, and a more iconic one of a formal beacon reasserting SCI-Arc’s institutional presence in downtown.

Due to its outdoor placement in SCI-Arc's parking lot, the pavilion will serve as a landmark, a natural marquee of the SCI-Arc campus and the Arts District, and it will become a suitable venue for SCI-Arc to engage outside audiences from the downtown community and the larger Los Angeles area.

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