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Oyler Wu Collaborative to Deliver Sliver Lecture in Vienna

Faculty members Jenny Wu and Dwayne Oyler of Los Angeles based Oyler Wu Collaborative will lecture at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Die Angewandte) on Thursday, Nov 22, 7pm, as part of the Institute of Architecture’s Sliver Lecture Series 2012-2013. The two were recently nominated Project finalists in Interior Design's Best of Year 2012 awards.

Dubbed Lineworks, their Angewandte lecture focuses on one of the main challenges faced by architects who don’t manipulate their medium—they don’t build buildings—therefore developing complex traffic between drawings and buildings.

As an emerging practice, Oyler Wu has challenged this notion in two ways. First, they extend the design of their work well into the fabrication phase by constructing many of the projects themselves. Secondly, they have expanded their notion of lines to operate beyond a 2-D drawing by literally constructing lines in 3-dimensions to become architecture.

Both graduates of Harvard, Wu and Oyler teach design studio at SCI-Arc. Most recently, the duo created Centerstage, a stage addition to the Netscape graduation pavilion they designed and built at SCI-Arc in 2011.

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