Inside SCI-Arc


Thanksgiving Pie Shuffle at SCI-Arc

A Thanksgiving table that stretched nearly as long as LA City Hall is tall was built by students in a 1st-year fabrication class at SCI-Arc for a celebration of the holiday, of architecture and the community. The table was set with 500 individual pies and the school's students, faculty and staff each got one to share with family and friends or to donate to the Midnight Mission.

The event was held in the school—which is itself a quarter-mile long. It was presented by SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss and the leadership of the school, including Michael Rotondi, an alum and former director. Rotondi's opening remark: "Years and years ago we used to say it over and over again – and it is still in my mind today, especially as I see here the longest line of pies ever: There's no project too simple we can't make more complicated. Yes, SCI-Arc!

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(Photos: Georgiana Ceausu and Dana Hutt)

Construction and design of the table project was completed by students in the Fabrication and Delineation class taught by faculty member Alexis Rochas. Built of new and recycled plywood, the table was extremely long and narrow: 400-feet by 1-foot. It had two elevations – one at standard table height and the other at bench height—which alternated in 8-foot lengths. After students, faculty and other guests picked up their pies, the tables were reshuffled into benches and tables for the Student Union-orchestrated annual Thanksgiving luncheon.

About 80 pies and several food trays were taken to the Los Angeles Midnight Mission.