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Ross to exhibit at The Cooper Union

LOS ANGELES, January 19, 2010 -- SCI-Arc faculty member David Ross has been selected to exhibit Versus at The Cooper Union in the upcoming show Rites of Passage: 1995–2009. The exhibition, marking the 150-year anniversary of the institution, showcases innovative works by alumni of the last 15 years, and will open at 41 Cooper Square, the new academic building designed by Thom Mayne.

Versus, the latest project by Code-A, extends Ross's exploratory research in systemic variation. By challenging the stability of ubiquitous geometric structures with goal-directed environmental stimuli, Versus represents a notable transformation in the applications of systems theory and parametric design as they relate to architecture.

Although heavily coded and formula driven, Versus relies on intuition as much as computation. In a calibrated information model, testing is real-time, bypassing iterative analysis—variable vs. variable—in favor of complex simulation, system vs. system.

Versus is fueling a series of automated architectural applications by Code-A. While Ross's archive has addressed systemic failure and mutation, this case study further probes compound organizational orders—structurally robust, spatially performative, and contextually exotic.

Versus is on view from January 21 at The Cooper Union. For more information see Rites of Passage .