Inside SCI-Arc


You Can See SCI-Arc from Beijing
SCI-Arc and Director Eric Owen Moss were profiled in the Chinese magazine Art+Architecture. The story was spread across six full pages and included 17 photos of the school.

An Executor of Columbus' Spirit

This brief summary of points made in the article was provided by SCI-Arc MediaSCAPES student Shaocong Zhou.

Among Chinese students, SCI-Arc and the USC School of Architecture are often confused because of the Chinese translation of the names.

But SCI-Arc is considered the No.1 private architecture school in the U.S.

The campus of the school is unique and there is power in the old train station. The long, renovated building houses a dynamic of multiple events and special exhibitions. Students attend seminars and studios—and are all creative and enthusiastic.

Director Moss compares Columbus's exploration and search for the New World in trying to depict the spirit of education at SCI-Arc. Software is just a tool; it is the idea matters.

In describing the education process, he says the responsibility of the teacher is to share knowledge, but also to encourage students to go their own way.

Free creativity and critique is the reason behind SCI-Arc's success. When asked to describe the school, Moss uses the Chinese character for "new."

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