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Huffington Post Features Sustainable Design Projects by SCI-Arc Students

The work of SCI-Arc students and other winners in the Whatever the Need sustainable design competition are highlighted in a Huffington Post article, "Worshipping at the Porcelain Altar: How Toilets can Change the World" by Steve Fleishli.

Participants in the competition were asked to design efficient and effective new ways to provide toilets to developing countries - both permanently and as part of disaster relief efforts. SCI-Arc students worked on their designs under the guidance of faculty member Heather Flood.

Design by SCI-Arc's Nanao Shimizu & Dohnbi Kim

Fleishli was on the jury that judged projects from students at SCI-Arc, OTIS and USC. Also on the jury panel were Steve Kanner, Ray Kappe, Leo Marmol and Michela Abrams.

The A+D Museum in Los Angeles hosted an exhibition on April 6 to display the winning projects. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the importance of sanitation and emergency relief systems.

Among SCI-Arc students awarded: Ruben Alejandre, Anna Androsova, Nina Handelman, Michael He, Dohnbi Kim, Jeffrey Kuruvilla, Janica Ley, Melody Nazareno, Hector Campagna Oliveros, Nanao Shimizu and Kainoa Westermark.

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